​​Frequently Asked Questions

How are my student activities dollars spent?

Full-time undergraduate students pay a $100 student activities fee, part time undergraduate and graduate students pay a $35 student activities fee each academic semester.  That fee is deposited into the Student Government Association's (SGA) UF account.  Student government allocates funds to UF recognized student interest groups and organizations that go through the proper parliamentary procedures to request funding for events.  Examples of events that receive funding include: concerts, dances, comedians, traveling game shows, novelty acts, Greek recruitment events, motivational speakers, theme parties....etc.  

I am a graduate student, do I need to pay the Student Activities fee?

Yes. Graduate students pay a $35.00 student activity fee per academic session, excluding summer session.

I am interested in starting a new student organization. What do I need to do?

Call the Office of Student Activities at 419-434-4606 or email studentactivities@findlay.edu​ to schedule an appointment with an office representative. The necessary paperwork and directions will be provided.


​Our new student interest group has not been recognized as an official UF student organization yet. Why?

Upon receiving recognition of becoming an approved UF student interest group, there is a series of events that must take place to become an approved and recognized UF student organization.  

  1. A constitution must be drafted by the interest group and hand delivered to the Office of Student Activities.
  2. The Office of Student Activities will process the draft and submit it to SGA's Sergeant-At-Arms. 
  3. The Sergeant-At-Arms reviews the draft and contacts the student interest group's student leaders to discuss the draft. 
  4. If anything needs to be corrected, the student interest group is responsible for making the corrections and resubmitting the constitution to the the Office of Student Activities with "Revised Draft" printed on the front pace of the constitution and include the revision date. 
  5. The Office of Students Activities will process the second draft and submit it to SGA's Sergeant-At-Arms. 
  6. The constitution is submitted to SGA for approval. 
  7. When the constitution is approved by SGA, it is submitted to the Office of Student Activities  for final review and approval. 
  8. Upon approval, a congratulatory/recognition letter is sent to the student interest group notifying them of official student organization recognition. 
  9. There are many different steps involved in the approval process.  It depends upon the timing and speed of committees involved as to when the official recognition of a student interest group becomes a UF recognized student organization.

My student organization wants to have an event and we need funding.  Where do we get the money and how do we apply for it?

UF recognized student interest groups and student organizations qualify and may apply for funding through SGA.  In order to apply for funding, there is a list of criteria that must be adhered to.  Student leaders may contact a representative in the Office of Student Activities (419-434-4606 or studentactivities@findlay.edu) or the SGA office (419-434-4849 or sga@findlay.edu​) to schedule an appointment to discuss the proper procedures.