​Why go Greek?​

​Below are some of the many benefits to being Greek:  



The idea of Brotherhood/Sisterhood is unique to the Greek community and it is the biggest benefit to joining a Greek organization at UF.  Not only are you meeting people within your chapter, but you're making connections with active and alumni/ae members from across the country and the throughout the world.   These connections and bonds will remain with you long after you graduate from UF.  ​ 



Scholarship plays an important role within each fraternity and sorority.  Receiving an education is the main reason students attend UF, and that idea is supported by our Greek chapters. Each chapter has a minimum GPA requirement, and UF keeps track of the GPA rankings for each of the chapters. In addition, scholarship opportunities are available for Greeks within their individual chapters. 


Greek life provides endless opportunities for you to become a leader at UF.  You can chair a committee, hold an office within your chapter, become an officer for Greek Council, and hold a leadership position with one of the other student organizations at UF.  Each chapter educates its members on leadership skills and works to help each member reach his or her potential.



Philanthropy (community service) is one of the top priorities for Greek chapters at UF.  Each chapter works with their national philanthropy(ies) and also does work within the Findlay/Hancock County community. Some of the philanthropy groups include the National Kidney Foundation, LifeStrong, and Alzheimer's Awareness. 


Involvement in a Greek organization means joining a network of thousands. Each chapter, and the Greek community as a whole, has thousands of members from across the country and around the world.   



Being involved in a fraternity or sorority is fun!  The Greek community at UF hosts many different events throughout the year.  In addition, each individual chapter hosts events for the entire campus and events just for their chapter.  Being Greek gives you plenty of chances to meet new people. 


Questions? Comments? 

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Visit us at the Office 8A located in The Alumni Memorial Union​​​