​Student Government Association ​

The University of Findlay's
Student Government Association 
 Welcomes You!
The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to give students an opportunity to establish practices and policies relating to student welfare.  SGA provides leadership for the student body and assists the administration in many facets of student life.  The governing body of the SGA is the Student Senate, which is composed of:
*Six Executive Board Members  
*President of Each Class

 *A Representative from Each Class

*A Delegate from Each Class 
Student interests and concerns are served through the Student Government Association representatives on various faculty committees and the Board of Trustees.  
Under the supervision of The University and the Student Government Association adviser(s), the Student Government Association facilitates allocating funds (received through student activity fees) among campus organizations.  
SGA has the authority to propose policies affecting student life that are then submitted to the Student Services Office, the faculty or the Board of Trustees for final approval. 
The Student Government Association Office is located in office #11 in the Alumni Memorial Student Union, just north of the Atrium.