​​​​​​​​Bachelor of Science in Business Management

The bachelor’s degree completion program in business management is offered online. It is intended for working adults who have at least 61 transferable semester hours at a C level or high er. The bachelor’s degree completion program consists of the last 63 semester hours for a minimum of 124 semester hours.

Students accepted into this program also must meet the University of Findlay’s competency requirements in math, writing, communication and computer science. Some competencies must be met before enrollment in certain courses in the program, while others may be fulfilled any time before completion of the program. Assessment tests are available in each competency area; acceptable courses may be transferred in.

Courses within this program are offered asynchronously in eight-week blocks, with two successive blocks comprising a semester. Two courses per block are the usual full-time load. Those attending full-time may finish the program in six semesters if they have 61 transferable hours and meet all competencies and prerequisites. Online courses also are offered in the summer.

The 63 semester hours required for the degree completion program consist of 21 semester hours of general education and 42 semester hours of major courses. All courses are worth three semester hours. General education courses are interdisciplinary in nature, integrating two or more academic areas. Some courses from four-year institutions may be transferred to substitute some of the 63 hours required for the degree completion program. A minimum of 30 hours must be taken at the University of Findlay.
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