Pharmacy ​Admission FAQ

How do I apply to Pharmacy School?

The University of Findlay has a two-step process for admissions.  The first step is to apply to the University through the website by going to and click on the Apply Now tab or by submitting a Common Application.

The second step is to apply to the College of Pharmacy the pharmacy application sent by the Office of Admissions if the student meets our minimum qualifications.

If you are a high school student: view our Admissions Information page.

If you are a transfer student you can apply through the PharmCas website at  or the transfer application.


How much are the application fees?

There is no application fee when applying to The University of Findlay!  However, there is a $50 application fee when applying to the College of Pharmacy. Paying online, mailing a check or money order made out to The University of Findlay are acceptable payments.


Is the College of Pharmacy direct entry?

The College of Pharmacy is a direct entry, or “zero-six” program.  We will assure the students’ progression (without reapplication) through the six years of our program, provided minimum standards are met.


What are the requirements for Pharmacy School?

The following minimum qualifications must be met to receive a College of Pharmacy application:

  • College preparation curriculum in high school
  • Minimum ACT of 23 in ALL four subject areas (English, Math, Reading and Science) or minimum SAT of 530 in ALL three subject areas (Verbal, Math, Writing).  Best scores will be used in the case of multiple attempts.
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0

The following are minimum qualifications for a transfer student:

  • A minimum composite college GPA of 3.0
  • Transferring at least 12 credit hours


What is the college looking for in a student?

Overall, the college looks for a well-rounded student. We look at strong math and science skills, involvement in high school activities or organizations on your current college campus if you are transferring in, community service, knowledge of pharmacy, and leadership skills.


High school or Transfer - who do I contact if I am interested?

Contact the Office of Admissions at 419-434-4732 or email or contact the pharmacy office at 419-434-5478 or email


Should I come visit campus?

100 percent yes! Call the Office of Admissions to schedule a visit at 419-434-4161 or email  You will meet one-on-one with a pharmacy faculty member and take a campus tour. All you questions will be answered.


How many students do you accept?

Our pharmacy class size is 72 students.


When are the pharmacy interviews?

First-time-freshman interview dates:
  • Nov. 20
  • Nov. 21
  • Dec. 11
  • Dec. 12
  • Dec. 18
  • Jan. 8

Transfer interview dates:

  • Nov. 20
  • May 13

How is the decision made?

The selection is based on the interview, essay, applications (both UF and College of Pharmacy), and academic records (which include test scores).


When will I know if I have been accepted? 

You will be notified through a letter that is mailed out to the address listed on your pharmacy application.  Letters of acceptance, non-admittance or request to be placed on wait list will be sent. If a student accepts, an enrollment deposit will be requested at that time if accepting a place in the College of Pharmacy. That deposit will be nonrefundable after May 1. All letters will be mailed out by February 15.


What does it mean if I get wait listed?

The mean that Findlay is interested in you as a prospective student!  The reason you are placed on a wait list is to give the College of Pharmacy a chance to see how many initial offers are accepted before they make additional offers. Being on the wait list is not a bad thing and could have a very positive outcome!


Why should I choose Findlay?

Findlay offers students a small class atmosphere and individual attention. Findlay’s professors teach each of our courses and are willing to meet with you outside of class. Findlay also provides an active learning atmosphere which helps engage the students in classroom discussions as well as hands on projects. The College of Pharmacy also provides the chance for students to work closely with specific faculty members on exciting research projects. In addition, you can complete an MBA or a Masters in Health Informatics while obtaining your Pharm.D. degree.


Are you an accredited College of Pharmacy?

YES!  The University of Findlay, College of Pharmacy is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.


Does the Findlay accept high school AP and Post-secondary credits?

Yes, these credits will be evaluated by the University’s Registrar’s office. For more specific information, please contact the registrar at 419-434-5701 or by email at


Do I have to live on campus?

Yes, unless you have enough credits to live off-campus or live within close proximity to the City of Findlay.  For further information, contact the Housing Office at 419-434-4570.


How long is the program?

Findlay’s pharmacy program is a total of six years. Five of those years will be on-campus. The first two years here, students are taking part in general education courses. The third year is devoted to introductory courses in pharmacy. The fourth and fifth years are the core preparation for professional practice in pharmacy. The sixth year is the advanced pharmacy practice or clinical year.


If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Suzanne Crouch in the Pharmacy Office at 419-434-5478 or email at with any questions you might have.