Meet Our Residents

The University of Findlay's College of Pharmacy is pleased to support and foster learning in the form of both PGY1 and PGY2 post-graduate residencies.
Affiliate residency sites include:

Blanchard Valley Hospital

"I am excited to complete the teaching certificate program at The University of Findlay to not only help develop and refine my skills as a teacher in the classroom, but also as a preceptor in the clinical setting."

Jon Manocchio


Health Partners of Western Ohio


 "The teaching certificate program provides me with a fantastic opportunity to continue my growth and the ability to help mold the careers of future pharmacists."

Kyle Glasgow

St. Rita's Medical Center


"I have always wanted to teach in some capacity, but have never had any formal classes on how to teach, the teaching certificate program will give me the knowledge and experience to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. I only seriously considered residency programs that offered teaching experience or a teaching certificate."

Jessica Geiger-Hayes

"​Being involved in higher education is something I have always envisioned for myself when considering my career. Because of this, I am excited to participate in the teaching certificate program at The University of Findlay as I begin my training as an educator and pharmacist. Participation in this program has provided me wonderful opportunities to interact with students, faculty members and other residents throughout the area who provide wonderful support and guidance in this year of personal and professional growth."


"Wether it be explaining a new medication to a patient, mentoring a pharmacy intern in a clinic or inpatient setting, or instructing a group of pharmacy students in a classroom, pharmacists teach everyday. Great teachers help create great students and are able to motivate them to reach their potential even when they don't want to or feel that they can. Participating in the teaching certificate program at The University of Findlay, I hope to develop the skills necessary to become an effective teacher as I begin my career as a pharmacist and educator."


Amy Sanchez​

Mercy St. Vincent's Medical Center

"I am looking forward to gaining all of the tools I need to teach pharmacy students whether in the formal classroom or in the clinical setting as a preceptor. The teaching certificate program will teach me how to best convey information and experiences to students."