​SimMan 3G "Simon"

The College of Pharmacy's Most Ideal Patient

Simon is always on time for appointments and never complains about an ailment.

SimMan 3G, also known as "Simon" by the pharmacy students, is a life-sized robot that can talk, cry, sweat, bleed, convulse, breathe, go into cardiac arrest, have asthma and do any number of other things that humans do when our bodies are malfunctioning.

SimMan 3g Patient simulators are a different way to learn medicine and how to care for the patient. With Simon as the patient simulator paving a safe road, the College of Pharmacy students at UF are up for the challenge!

Simon provides students with a safe learning environment in helping students get comfortable with some real life situations they may be faced with in their professional career.

Pharmaceutical Advantages with Sim​​Man 3G are:

  • Automatic drug recognition system identifying the drug & dose

  • Extensive drug formulary

  • Automatic or programmable

  • Physiological responses

Operating Simon “on the fly” uses wireless technology enables our professors to observe the students decisions while the Simon's vital signs can be monitored while the student is moving around the room freely during training.

There are integrated cameras that will record a students progress while working with Simon. This allows the student to go back and review their decisions and provide feedback for themselves when practicing diagnosis and treatment.

The College of Pharmacy continues to train students to work with Simon as they would any future patient. Simon uses highly advanced technology, which will assist future UF pharmacists to over come a variety of challenges in a very safe learning environment.​