Pharm. D./MBA​​

The Master of Business Administration at UF is designed to equip students with critical thinking and business/leadership skills. It is an excellent complement to a doctoral pharmacy degree for students who will soon be faced with many leadership decisions in the world of healthcare. Among others, MBA concentrations may include organizational leadership and healthcare management – which are immediately applicable to the graduating pharmacist.  

Pharmacy students who are also pursuing a MBA typically complete their MBA prerequisites during their P1 to P3 years and then they start their MBA classes after the completion of requirements for the third year of pharmacy school and continue to take MBA classes during their fourth and fifth years. During the sixth year of your training, the focus is on completing pharmacy rotations off campus, however, under special circumstances, some MBA courses may be taken during that year. Most students should complete their MBA during their first one to two years of professional pharmacy practice. 

As a student pursuing a MBA, in addition to your pharmacy adviser, you’ll be assigned a second (business) faculty adviser to guide you through your MBA classes, and you will not be charged additional tuition to take the MBA courses when they are taken within your 18 semester hour comprehensive fee.

If you have any further questions about the Pharm. D./MBA dual degree, please contact:

Scott Freehafer, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Business

Coordinator of MBA Admissions and Advising
Phone: 419-434-4002