​​UF Pharmacy Points of Pride​

UF Pharmacy Students Excel at National Passage Rates

Passage rates on NAPLEX and MPJE for University of Findlay pharmacy students are at or above the national average!  

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SimMan 3G

Also known as "Simon" to the pharmacy students, Simon provides students with a safe learning environment in helping students get comfortable with some real life situations they may be faced with in their professional career.

Simon  is a life-size robot that can talk, cry, sweat, bleed, convulse, breathe, and do any number of other things that humans do when our bodies are malfunctioning.

My First Patient

The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy’s My First Patient program is designed to educate third-year (P3) pharmacy students on the importance of taking responsibility for their own health and well being, while aiding in their professional and social development within the Findlay community.

Students also get the opportunity to be their own “first patient.” Fifth-year pharmacy students (P5s) are responsible for conducting health screenings for the P3s. Screenings performed include a blood cholesterol test, a blood sugar test, and a hemoglobin A1C, which is a blood test that detects how much sugar has been present in the blood over the last three months.

A unique aspect of the My First Patient program at Findlay is the incorporation of a health-screening event. Students are partnered up with a local Findlay non-profit organization to provide free health screenings for their clients. Under the supervision of faculty and other P5 students, the P3 students have their first real patient interaction.