Tuition​​ Information

​The University of Findlay sets its tuition rates during the Board of Trustees meeting in February of each year. Actual figures are not posted until March.

The College of Pharmacy at The University of Findlay has a higher tuition rate than the basic tuition rate for traditional UF undergraduate students. This is to help offset the costs of the program and the final year of rotations.

To assist families, The University of Findlay has decided to adopt a six-year fee structure. Pharmacy fees are expected to be fairly stable for the entire six years. The fees may increase modestly for inflation, but the current expectation is that there should be no drastic jump in tuition for the third year, nor additional graduate fees to pay in years five and six. Click here to see current tuition charges.

Please be aware that undergraduate scholarships cease once a student enrolls in 500-level courses. Be proactive and search for graduate assistance for years five and six.​