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Davis Building Addition Houses Biology Program

Davis Addition
A two-story, 42,000- square-foot addition to the Davis Street Building was completed in June 2012. 

This new addition houses the biology program and serves students taking biology-based science courses primarily in the Colleges of Sciences, Health Professions, Pharmacy and Forensic Science.  The addition features:

  • 19 science laboratories
  • Four classrooms

  • 112-seat lecture hall (largest on campus)
  • Computer lab
  • 15 faculty offices
  • Conference room
  • Student lounge

Green Technologies

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Highly insulated
  • New lighting technology and "light harvesting"
  • New, high-efficiency electronic light bulbs
  • Sophisticated fume hoods in labs that only run when necessary
  • Air handling system maintaining a level of 10 percent fresh air
  • Rainwater runoff control system

A Ripple Effect

Davis classroom

The space provided by the construction of the Davis Street addition has had a ripple effect across campus.
Labs and offices vacated by the biology program in the original Davis Street building are now available to the College of Pharmacy, allowing it to meet accreditation standards for square footage. Also, biology classes and labs that were housed on the second floor of Brewer Science Hall are now being used for physics and geology classes and labs.
Frost Science Center has consolidated chemistry classes and labs on the second floor, allowing for more efficient use of space and convenience for faculty and students.