​​​​Environmental, Safety and Health Management Master's Courses

To receive a master of science in environmental safety and health management, you must complete seven core courses plus four elective courses. The cost of the courses is $663 per credit hour. 


Core Courses

Environmental Health and Epidemiology - ENVM 510 (3 credit hrs) 

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution and possible control of disease and other factors relating to health. This introductory course illustrates how epidemiology can be used as a tool to measure the impact that human and nature systems have on each other. This becomes the basis for public health investigations and the underlying rationale for the toxicological standard setting.

Public Policy and Communication - ENVM 520 (3 credit hrs)

Understanding the social, governmental and economic forces that go into the development and implementation of environmental labor laws and policy is an important part of a managerial position in the ESHM industries. The development of federal and state laws and local zoning issues as well as assessing changes in policy will be cover in this course. You will also learn how to communicate the impact and risks of the changes to your organization, public representatives, regulators and the legal community.

Organizational Theory and Behavior - ENVM 525 (3 credit hrs) 
Learn how to lead an ESH team effectively as this course addresses the essential strategies for understanding and managing an organization and its human resources. Specific examples of the strategic direction and management leadership of successful companies are compared with their competitors. This class also discusses the fit of corporate strategy to the organizational type, level and culture, and the employee culture, as well as the various approaches to human resource utilization.

Production Operations and Auditing - ENVM 540 (1 credit hr) 

The operational management systems of a company have a direct impact on its market strength. This class utilizes case studies to discuss environmental, safety and health issues as they apply to operational considerations. Auditing techniques, reporting and corrective action are central issues that will be addressed in the class.

Research Methods - ENVM 598 (3 credit hrs) 

This course provides instruction in the design, formulation and appraisal of a potential research topic and is the foundational class for the integrated culminating project. The course will enable the student to better understand the research process from conception to completion, including the use of online reference materials.

Project Management and Planning - ENVM 625 (3 credit hrs) 

Discover the legal, corporate and human resource elements of effective project management. You will learn strategic planning, forecasting, project implementation and cost control in addition to the translation of policy into viable operational functions.  

Risk Management for Managers - ENVM 665 (4 credit hrs) 

Make your choices through data-driven decision making. In this course, you will conduct risk assessment through the process of collecting, analyzing and communicating scientific and economic information for use in policy formulation, decision making and risk management. This course incorporates environmental, safety and health management considerations as a component for overall firm strategy as well as the process of identification, assessment, handling and minimization of financial risk.


Students must choose 12 credit hours from the following elective courses. All courses are three credit hours. 

Disaster Management
Disaster and Emergency Management - ENVM 560

Disaster Management: Vulnerability and Threat Assessment - ENVM 660

Disaster Management: Incident Command and Response - ENVM 661

Disaster Management: Business Continuity and Asset Protection 


Laws and Policy

OSHA Law and Regulations - ENVM 550 

International Environmental Policy - ENVM 620

Environmental Law and Permitting - ENVM 650

Pollution and Waste Control

​​​​Solid Waste Management - ENVM 581 

Water and Wastewater Treatment - ENVM 585

Air Pollution Control - ENVM 590

Industrial Hygiene Principles and Calculations - ENVM 605

Environmental Remediation Management - ENVM 645

Pollution Prevention and Industrial Ecology - ENVM 655


Accounting & Human Resources

Accounting and Financial Analysis for Technical Managers - ENVM 515 

Applied Safety Management - ENVM 570

ESH Quality Systems and Auditing - ENVM 583

Topics in Environmental Management - ENVM 599

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