100% job placement rate!*

Watch the video to learn more about the type of jobs you can expect with a degree in environmental, safety and occupational health management

Average graduates have a starting salary of $50,000 annually with a bachelor's degree!

Estimates show a surging demand for skilled, educated employees in the environmental science and occupational health areas in the next decade. 

Career options for graduates include:

  • Sustainability - a growing field investigating and implementing pollution prevention, waste minimization, energy conservation or alternative energy;
  • The Armed Forces - working with hazardous materials, environmental remediation and emergency response;
  • Occupational Health/Safety - monitor and maintain the health and safety of employees in the workplace;
  • Emergency Management - help protect the public by training, planning and responding to natural and man-made disasters;
  • Industrial Hygiene - determine the potential hazards and exposure levels from work practices and come up with solutions to reduce or eliminate them;
  • Environmental Remediation - cleanup sites contaminated with biological or chemical agents or works as a health and safety officer protecting employees on site;
  • Environmental Scientist - analyze and inspect facilities and find solutions that minimize hazards to the health of the environment and population.

Government agencies and private sector areas such as:

*ESOH students who seek out and work with recommended resources and networking opportunities benefit from job placement within six months post-graduation.