dressage emphasis

Dressage Training - A True Equestrian Focus

Focusing on dressage helps you gain a working relationship with your horse, and create self-confidence that helps meet the challenges that horses present on a daily basis.  Our instructors hope to make each day a challenge, a new goal to be set, a new dream to attain, but to always keep in mind the beauty of the sport dressage.

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Dressage, by definition, is simply training the horse.  Correct dressage training increases awareness and is beneficial for any horse, any rider and any breed.  In dressage training, the natural movements that the horse can make on his own are trained to be more balanced, supple, and obedient.  In dressage competition, these natural movements are repeated as exercises in the ring, and scored to give riders a gauge for the quality of their performances.  

There are many levels of dressage competition that range from the low levels within the reach of any horse and rider, to Olympic level competition.  Dressage emphasizes the role of the rider to be as correct as possible in his or her poise and flexibility as the horses will act as mirrors of the rider's strengths and weaknesses.  ​