international opportunities​

Students in The University of Findlay's English riding program have opportunities to ride in Germany, Bermuda and Poland.

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Opportunities at international riding schools include: 

1. Involvement in the most cutting-edge segment of the equine industry. . . course design.  

Through a partnership with the Aachen School of Course Design ​(ASCD) in Aachen, Germany, UF English riding program students are encouraged to participate in workshops at home and abroad. 

A city famous for its hot springs, Aachen was known for horse racing in the nineteenth century.  Racing transitioned to other equestrian disciplines including horse show jumping, driving and dressage in the twentieth century.  Now, in the twenty-first century, ASCD Course Design Symposia have drawn thousands of individuals from 73 nations over the past decade.​​

Aachen School courses prepare students for careers with horses!

With a major objective of being a “School of Masters and a School of Excellence,” ASCD provides classes in the following areas of interest:

  • Course and concourse design

  • Horse training and rider training             

  • Equestrian landscape architecture

  • Footing science and farrier science

  • Equestrian computer applications


2. Travel to countries such as Bermuda, Germany and Poland, through UF’s Passport to International Equestrian Studies. 

This is a chance for our students to work with world champions and Olympic medalists.  In many cases, students can participate in overseas internships and work experiences.  This background can lead to a successful career with horses.