Introducing Fred Magazzeni

Fred Magazzeni is the new dressage instructor and Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) team coach at The University of Findlay. Dressage is one of the areas of focus for the University’s English equestrian program.
Originally from Ohio, Magazzeni graduated from Houghton College, New York. After graduation, he relocated to Germany to work for the PSI Dressage Training Yard and with the dressage team of Jorgen and Christoph Koshel. While in Germany, Magazzeni also worked with several national teams in training for Olympic riding competitions, and flew horses to Doha Qatar for the Asian Games.
Upon returning to the United States, Magazzeni accepted a position riding and training for Horses Unlimited in New Mexico. In his position with The University of Findlay, he’ll instruct students at the James L. Child, Jr. Equestrian Complex and continue to ride, train and compete.
Left: UF dressage rider outdoors at the James L. Childs Equestrian Complex, Findlay.