Equine Business Management - Student Approved​

Grace Meagher '14

Major: English Equestrian Studies/Equine Business Mgmt.

Hometown: Fairfield, Conn.

"With the equine business management program, you get the business side, and you can focus on horses.  I can take an accounting class or a business class on campus, and relate it to how I'd manage a barn or how I'd be able to figure out my finances from an equine business."

-- Grace


Makena Lawrence '14

Major: Western Equestrian Studies/Equine Business Mgmt.

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM.

"The western equestrian program has granted me a lot of opportunities to do things hands-on.  I've worked for several trainers, and I went to Europe during the summer to teach international horsemanship clinics with the University and AQHA."

-- Makena