​Internships and Summer O​pportunities

​As a mathematics major, you can work on campus as a student assistant or serve as a tutor in the Math Lab.  Tutors work one-on-one with students by appointment or are available to assist a number of students in evening open labs.  This is an excellent way for prospective teachers to gain experience and also continue to refine their own mathematics skills.

Other student assistants work for mathematics faculty members.  These students may grade papers, assist with recordkeeping and perform other duties as needed.  Student assistants also serve as receptionists in the Math House, assist with Math Day and serve as peer mentors in the First Year Experience Program.

Mathematics majors who double major in adolescent/young adult integrated mathematics will have field placement internships. As a teacher candidate, you have multiple opportunities to be in area schools and have extensive experience in both your junior and senior years.

Additional internship opportunities are available based on your interests.  In recent years, mathematics majors have pursued a variety of business and industry internships.

For more information, please visit our Office of Internships and Placement.