​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4/18/2019 Update

Trusted Devices Rollout

The new Trusted Devices feature will be deployed in Workday this weekend. This feature adds extra security so that you’re the only one that can access your account. Once this feature is deployed, you may begin to see notices like the one below when you log into Workday. You can select to “Remember this device” or skip. If you select the option to remember the device, the screen below won’t pop up again. However, if you skip selecting that option, you will continue to be prompted on subsequent logins on your device.

Trusted Devices Workday.png

Workday defines “device” as the combination of the physical device you’re signing in on (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) plus the browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). For example, logging into Workday on a Macbook using Google Chrome as the browser is considered one device. If you log into Workday on that same Macbook but through Firefox instead, that is considered another device.


Part of this feature includes receiving emails telling you when someone has logged into your Workday account from a new device. After 6 months, you will see this window again and need to have your device re-trusted. This feature does not change your MFA authentication method for signing into Workday.​​