​P​olitical Science​

The political science major at the University of Findlay will expose you to the many areas of study within the political science realm. This major offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the major subfields of the discipline. 

Political science graduates follow a variety of career paths. For some, our political science major is a stepping stone for law or graduate school. Majoring in political science sets the stage for careers in areas such as:
  • Foreign affairs
  • National security agencies
  • Policy analysis
  • City management
  • Political positions
  • Government careers

Our Program

The major objective of the program is to provide you with exposure to the many areas of study within the political science realm so that you are prepared to make knowledgeable decisions regarding future career and academic choices. You may also choose to minor in either political science or public administration.

Our program introduces you to the subjects of:     
  • American politics
  • Comparative politics 
  • International relations 
  • Political theory 
  • Public administration 
You will have the opportunity to gain further specialization in one of the areas listed above through advanced course work and directed study with a political science instructor. Also, with one-on-one advising and dedicated faculty, you will receive consistent mentorship and guidance to help you reach your career goals.

Our program has an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for successful careers in many diverse areas of political science including business, law, risk management, real estate and civil rights. Many students also choose to develop an individualized program by double-majoring with a complimenting area of study such as business, criminal justice and pre-law. Political science is also offered as a minor.

"Once I realized I could double-major in political science, I was very excited, as politics is another love of mine. Findlay brings in many professionals who are working in the field and we have awesome professors that earnestly take the time to make sure the content and instruction we get as students is worthwhile."

- Preston Eberlyn, Political Science & Theatre Major


​Experiential Learning

Political science majors have a number of internship opportunities. You may choose to work for Findlay city government or for the governments in surrounding communities. 

Internships are also available in Washington D.C. The University of Findlay works with The Washington Center, which assists students in completing internships in our nation's capital. Many political science majors have spent a semester in Washington working in various government agencies and congressional offices as well as with interest groups and trade organizations.