animal science degree ​

Animal Science Degree 

Watch the video below for a brief overview of our program:

The University of Findlay has one of the top animal science degree programs in the country. Our 31,000-square-foot Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building, UF’s Center for Equine and Pre-Veterinary Studies, provides the ultimate in experiential learning beginning in the very first semester.

Students start getting​ hands-on experience within their first year!

Our diverse animal science degree covers many facets of the animal industry through three unique emphasis areas:

  • Animal Science/Industry
    • students can study forage management and general management practices within the animal industry
  • Animal Science/Science
    • students can study livestock production, animal nutrition, breeding and genetics, or prepare for graduate school

Our experienced faculty train animal science students in the following areas:

  • Handling and managing animals
  • Owning and operating animal facilities
  • Gaining knowledge about the animal agriculture industry
  • Selecting from a variety of careers involving large and small animals

Our small, friendly campus has a culture of accessible instructors and staff. Our animal science degree offers learning experiences with most farm species including beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, llamas and horses.

We offer a variety of learning formats, including classroom studies, live animal evaluations and demonstrations and field trials.

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