Animal Science Degree

​UF animal science students start getting​ hands-on experience during their
freshmen year! 

The University of Findlay's animal science degree has become one of the top in the country. With the addition of the 31,000-square-foot Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building, UF’s Center for Equine and Pre-Veterinary Studies provides the ultimate in hands-on learning experiences.

Students seeking an animal science degree can choose from three areas:

  • Animal Science
    • students can study forage management and general management practices
  • Animal Science/Science
    • students can study livestock production, animal nutrition, breeding and genetics, or prepare for graduate school

Our animal science degree covers all facets of the animal industry!

The field of animal science is known for its variety and appeal to individual talents and interests.  At The University of Findlay, animal science students can study: 

  • Livestock production
  • Animal nutrition
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Forage management
  • General management practice

We offer a variety of learning formats, including classroom studies, live animal evaluations and demonstrations and field trials.

Tour our facility!

Our outstanding faculty trains animal science students in the following areas:

  • Handling and managing animals
  • Owning and operating animal facilities
  • Gaining knowledge about the animal agriculture industry
  • Selecting from a variety of careers involving large and small animals

Our small, friendly campus has a culture of accessible instructors and staff. Our animal science degree offers learning experiences with most farm species including beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, llamas and horses.