​​​​​​​​​​College of Pharmacy​​​​​


Findlay’s College of Pharmacy prepares you to be a knowledgeable, confident, and capable professional. You will gain experience through rural and urban community programs, in our fast-growing Telehealth Center, and by exploring a variety of careers throughout your time at Findlay! Our small class sizes and knowledgeable professors make Findlay an experience unlike any other.

Findlay offers three different Pharmacy tracks:

  • Direct-entry track from high school
  • Transfer into a pre-professional pharmacy track
  • Admittance directly into our professional track
At the University of Findlay, we blend practice, experience and science to create an in-depth knowledge base for our pharmacy students to be successful in the field. Our students learn through our module-based courses, extensive experience in the field and by becoming engaged in research with faculty.

Our students benefit from small classes, interactive learning, state of the art facilities, and faculty who support their personal growth and professional development. Graduates from the University of Findlay's program are highly sought-after, and enter a variety of careers in the field of pharmacy such as community practice, nuclear pharmacy, pharmaceutical research, hospital and health systems, and even fast-growing fields such as informatics and pharmacogenomics, to name but a few!​

0+6 Direct Entry​ Track

High school seniors can be directly admitted into the college of pharmacy in our 0+6 direct entry track. This is a great option for high school students who wish to pursue pharmacy as a career. This track offers a seamless 6-year pathway to a Pharm.D. First time freshmen are introduced to the profession of pharmacy with pharmacy courses during their first semester on campus.​

Transfer Pre-Professional ​Track

​The transfer pre-pharmacy track is tailored for s​tudents who have taken some pre-requisite or pre-professional courses and are transferring to the University of Findlay's College of Pharmacy in one of the two pre-professional years. Students who enroll in this pathway will complete the pre-professional requirements and seamlessly transition into the 4 year professional curriculum.

Professional Track

The professional pharmacy track is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree or pre-professional coursework and are looking to apply to a 4 year professional pharmacy program. ​​​​

International Student 

​"During my time at UF, I have been blessed with a multitude of opportunities that have helped me to grow as a leader and as an individual. I have learned about how I can be a contributing member to society by providing quality care to patients and creating projects that have positive impacts on the community."

Olunife Akinmolayan, Pharm​D Candidate '23 ​
University of Findlay​



This degree program is eligible for Choose Ohio First scholarship​ funding​