Our Christian Heritage: University of Findlay and the Churches of God, General Conference

​​​Worship Service in Ritz 1953.jpgThe University of Findlay is a place where Christian leaders flourish. 

Desiring to see all students equipped for meaningful lives and productive careers, the University is dedicated to helping students discover their particular calling, whether that be serving as a physical therapist, business leader or teacher. For those who long to better understand how that calling fits in with a life of faith, the University stands ready and eager to help.

This dedication to discerning "calling" focus has been a part of the University of Findlay since the beginning. The Churches of God, General Conference  (CGGC) (which was then the Churches of God in North America), and the town of Findlay, Ohio, founded this University in 1882 as a Christ-centered college – initially naming the new institution Findlay College.

Worship service held in Ritz 1953

Over the years, UF has embraced a welcoming educational environment – supporting individuals from all faiths – but its roots remain with the Churches of God, General Conference. Today, the University and the CGGC enjoy a strong connection through board of trustees leadership, shared learning and worship spaces and a joint religious studies program that prepares individuals for a life of ministry.

The University is also ranked as the number one university in the country as the Best College Affiliated As Church of God by College Factual.

Winebrenner Theological Seminary.JPG

The CGGC's seminary, Winebrenner Theological Seminary (WTS), is located in the University's Winebrenner Building at the front of campus​. Students, faculty and staff from both institutions learn, grow and are inspired to find their calling through the shared campuses. The connection between the seminary and the University goes back to 1942 when WTS was established as a graduate school of theology for Findlay College. It became a separate institution in 1961, but the connection to UF has remained strong. WTS continues to serve the CGGC as its sole seminary as well as students from many different denominational backgrounds. Winebrenner offers four master's programs, a Doctor of Ministry Program and collaborates with UF to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Program.


CollegeFirstChurch web size.jpgAlso located directly beside the University of Findlay's campus, and just north of the seminary, is College First Church of God, which is a member of the Great Lakes Conference of CGGC. This vibrant church community is comprised of community members and students from the University. Lead Pastor Brandon Kelly with Pastors David Welker, Will Miller, and Kimberly Reese oversees Sunday morning worship offerings at the church and Winebrenner auditorium, actively collaborating with the University to support those students striving to become strong Christian leaders.

Through the University's own Campus Ministry Department, directed by Pastor Matt Ginter (ordained in the CGGC), UF students have a wide variety of on-campus Christian leadership and fellowship opportunities with which to get involved. Ranging from student-led contemporary worship services to a wide array of small groups and Bible studies, a culture of faith, spiritual growth and community building is evident at the University of Findlay.

Campus Ministries Fall Retreat.jpgFor students who are called to a life of ministry, the University and Winebrenner Theological Seminary collaborate to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Christian Studies. This program is taught by faculty from both organizations and prepares individuals for pastoral training in some denominations, including the Churches of God, General Conference, and serves as foundational training for individuals seeking to enter the seminary for graduate studies.