​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mission and Vision

Our Mission: 

To equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers.​

Our Vision​

The University of Findlay will become a leading Midwestern university characterized by these core values (Watch Phrases):

Heartland Community

In a university founded on the principles of personal faith, civic-mindedness and scholarly achievement, we will advance our commitment to the personal attention essential to the development of our students as whole persons--knowledgeable, creative, ethical and compassionate leaders in a global environment.

International Night at FindlayDiverse Perspectives

We will achieve a productive balance between innovative and time-tested approaches and programs in professional preparation, the liberal arts, and the natural sciences. We will embrace the professional, cultural and intellectual diversity that will distinguish our programs from those of other comprehensive institutions of higher education. We will model civil discourse.

Transformative Experiences

We will leverage our location, size, and values to provide experiential learning for students in every program of study.


Why We Are Different

The University of Findlay offers experiential learning in all of our academic programs – including internships, research, service projects and study abroad opportunities.

Brand Promise Statement

The University of Findlay cultivates the potential within each student through academic excellence, transformative experiences and a supportive community that is grounded in faith.

Academic Excellence

The strength of the academic experience is the most important attribute in the University's brand. As a private school, high-quality academics is an expectation. Through the research, it was evident that this message was not as dominant as it needs to be. It's for these reasons that we included this notion of academic excellence at the beginning of the brand promise.

Transformative Experiences

The Arch Ceremony symbolizes transformative experiences at UF. Students enter through the Arch as freshmen and they are welcomed by the faculty and staff who will guide them down the path to a meaningful life and productive career. When they march back through the Arch at graduation they have been transformed into more knowledgeable, confident, service-oriented and informed individual.

Supportive Community

Out of all the words and phrases that were generated throughout the entire research process, a supportive community resonated over and over again with all of the audiences. The caring, family environment has been a constant of the student experience at Findlay, regardless of if they attended here in the 1950s or if they are sitting in classrooms today.

Grounded in Christian Faith

The University was founded in 1882 through a partnership with the City of Findlay and the Churches of God because both entities believed the community needed a place where individuals could find their calling in life through scholarship, faith, service and the sharing of ideas. These values are still true today at UF. The University of Findlay is a place where individuals from all faiths are welcomed and guided to excel at their chosen vocation.