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Welcome to The University of Findlay.

President Dr. Fell Our calling at the University of Findlay is to help students find their calling. We have worked to that high purpose since the founding of Findlay College in 1882. The exceptional quality of our academic programs, focus on hands-on learning, and robust campus life have made UF into one of the best private universities in the Midwest.

Our stated mission is “to prepare students for meaningful lives and productive careers."

We believe that the learning that takes place outside a classroom is as important as the foundation that students receive inside a classroom. Findlay’s academic programs include significant experiential components. Our students participate in faculty-guided undergraduate research, service projects within the broader community, and intercultural immersion opportunities. 

For example, our western equestrian majors have taught horsemanship in Germany. Environmental, safety and health management students work summers for employers including the Ohio EPA, Marathon Petroleum and Rolls-Royce. The College of Pharmacy, utilizing a “hub- site” model, sends its students to several intensive work experiences in hospital, retail and other medical environments. Similar opportunities abound in all six colleges. 

To assist in the transition from campus to workplace, Findlay’s major-specific career placement specialists work with students to prepare them for their professions and establish the connections needed to land internships and full-time jobs. 

Year in and year out, the University of Findlay remains steadfast in its commitment to our students. We invite you to find out who you will be at the University of Findlay. 


President, Katherine Fell, Ph.D. 

University of Findlay 

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