​​​Sign Your Business Up for the Oiler Discount Program

​​Are you interested in offering Oiler Discounts at your place of business?

If you want to get your business's brand in front of the University's 20,000+ students, faculty, staff, active alumni and parents, we invite you to be a part of the Oiler Discount Program.  With many students and their families coming from out-of-town, the Oiler Discount Program provides an opportunity to familiarize our students with your business and create UF loyalty toward your product and services​

The goal of the Discount Program is to strengthen the connection between the University of Findlay and our local business community.  With the help of the Findlay-Hancock County Alliance, this program not only gives discounts to students, parents, faculty and staff, it will also bring more customers to local businesses.

How to Sign Up to Offer Oiler Discounts

It's very simple and FREE!  All you need to do is to offer a discount or special offer to UF students, parents, faculty and staff, and register with us to let us know what you are providing.  The level of participation is at your discretion.  You can choose what type of discount you want to offer.

Your business name, contact information and location will be posted on UF's website and the program will be promoted on campus throughout the year.

If your business already has a student discount offer in place, fill out this brief form and you will be included in the listing as well. The Oiler Discount Program cannot include offers for alcohol or tobacco products.​​​​