​Deming Residence Hall​

Deming Hall is one of two all-female residence halls on campus, with 66 double-occupancy, air-conditioned rooms. Deming Hall is connected to Lovett Hall, UF's other all-female residence hall. A resident assistant lives in each wing, with a resident director overseeing the building.  Staff members are available to assist students in the Residence Life Staff Office located in Lovett Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight every day of the academic calendar. 


  • Room dimensions are approximately 14’11” x 13’ 11”
  • Twin XL bed frame that's 84"L x 41"W x 29"H
  • Bottom of the bed to the floor is approximately 14"
  • Closet:
    • Top cabinet: 42” x 20” x 12”
    • Top shelf: 42” x 20” x 14.5”
    • Clothes rack: 42” x 20” x 62.5”
  • Laundry is free! Washers and dryers located throughout the building
  • Controllable AC/Heat unit in each room
  • 24-hour visitation lobby is on each floor
  • Two study rooms on the second floor

Deming Hall​ Room Layout

Floor plan drawings are for informational purposes, rooms can vary. Check out where Deming Hall is located on campus.​