​​​​​Residence Halls

Findlay’s residence halls are more than just “dorms” or places to live. They are unique communities full of resources, support, and thousands of fellow Oilers. Each residence hall varies in terms of appearance and population. Our residence halls are home to first-year, transfer, and upper-classmen if they choose.

Living on-campus means living among friends, being close to your classes, access to resources, and feeling connected with Findlay. Click the buttons below to learn more about our residence halls.

Each residence hall varies in terms of appearance and population within the hall. Learn more about our residence halls with details about dimensions, furniture and measurements.

Students at all levels (freshmen, sophomores, etc.) can enjoy living in one of the University's eight residence halls. The residence halls are a great way for students to build communities, become comfortable with living away from home and be close to campus activities and their classes. Our residence halls offer:

  • Free Laundry! Washers and dryers are in each building
  • Controllable AC/Heat unit in most buildings (excludes Village and Haven)
  • 24-hour visitation lobby on each floor
  • Game rooms and study lobbies