The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a free literacy outreach service provided to the children of Hancock County and surrounding areas sponsored by The University of Findlay College of Education. 

The Clubhouse benefits the local community and UF students!  Watch the video below to learn more...

The purpose of this program is two-fold: to provide reading instruction and support for school-age children and an authentic experience for the UF's teacher education candidates.

The mission of The Clubhouse is to provide struggling readers with a safe and
e​ncouraging environment for specific assessment-based reading instruction.

Clubhouse tutors works one-on-one with students

Assessing Ability, Likes and Dislikes

UF tutors use the first session to assess the reading ability of and discover each child's likes and dislikes, perceptions of reading, areas of particular interest, and learning styles.  This information helps tutors select high interest reading materials and effective strategies tailored to enhance the reading needs of each child.

Research indicates a strong relationship between motivation, interest in reading subjects, and reading performance; therefore, we use books and materials the children find personally relevant and interesting.  The children are re-assessed during the final sessions, and the program ends with a time of sharing and celebration.


The Clubhouse strongly supports collaboration with parents, schools, and teachers.  The program provides children with an engaging environment using stimulating language-rich strategies that support learning through small group and individual instruction.  This is accomplished with the aid of hands-on educational games, assistive devices, educational software, non-fiction and children's and young adult literature.

For more information, contact Patty Holcomb, 419-434-4862 or holcomb@findlay.edu