​​​​​​College of Education Student Organizations​

UFOSEA - Network and Professional Development!  

The University of Findlay Ohio Student Education Association (UFOSEA) is an on-campus organization, associated with the Ohio Student Education Association, with the purpose of enhancing communication between students of education by promoting fellowship and supplementary professional training. 

Benefits of joining UFOSEA include networking with current and future educators, community tu​toring, opportunities to attend various professional development conferences and meetings, exchanging ideas for the classroom, and participation in several campus-wide events.

For more information, please contact faculty advisors Melissa Recker at [email protected] or Dr. Kerry Teeple [email protected].​

OTGM - Tutor Local Children to Gain Experience and Extra Cash!

Oilers Tutoring Great Minds (OTGM) is an opportunity for College of Education students to gain experience tutoring while also making an hourly wage.
Students set their own pay and choose the content area and grade levels they would like to tutor. 
For more information, please contact Allison Baer, Associate Professor of Education, at [email protected].

Kappa Delta Pi - KDP

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) is an International Honor Society in Education. This organization is by invitation only for juniors, seniors, graduate students and working professionals. The goal of KDP is to promote fellowship and enhance excellence in education.

For more information contact co-advisors Dr. Jon Brasfield, [email protected] or Dr. Mary Heather Munger, [email protected].