2015 American Mathematics Competition (AMC 10/12) hosted at UF

A math degree with many career options

Double majors and math careers

Although you may love numbers and using your critical thinking skills, you may not be aware of the many jobs available to math majors. At The University of Findlay, our math students are usually able to complete a double major in four years, giving them even more career choices. Second majors can include education (adolescent/young adult integrated mathematics), computer science, business or many others.

"I often compare my job to being a detective. Actuaries have to find out, not only what the numbers are telling us, but more importantly why. I enjoy the variety of projects and problem solving, it's not the same thing day in and day out."
-- Laura (Heitkamp) Nieport, Actuarial Analyst at Celina Insurance Group, Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, '06


Math degree career choices include:

  • Actuarial science
  • Systems analysis
  • Engineering
  • Operations research analysis
  • Economics
  • Urban Planning
  • Budget analysis
  • Cost estimation
  • Financial markets

UF math students enjoy problem-solving and analyzing data through a robust curriculum of calculus, linear algebra and upper-level math courses.

If you are interested in becoming a math teacher also visit UF's College of Education.​

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