​​​​​​​Math Department History

The Department of Mathematics has a long history of quality instructors and programs. 

When the University of Findlay was founded as Findlay College, there were two faculty members in mathematics. Today there are ten faculty members, and five majors are offered. Our graduates have 100 percent job and graduate school placement.

Dr. Chandra Dinavahi, Professor of Mathematics, has been department chair since 2017.

The mathematics program has been led by five chairs, prior to Dr. Dinavahi, since 1989​​​:

Current Mathematics Chair Chandra Dinavahi
Former Mathematics Chair Pamela Warton
Former Mathematics Chair Judith McCory
Former Mathematics Chair Anne Albert
Former Mathematics Chair David Wallach
Former Mathematics Chair Donald Mathews
Chandra Dinavahi
​​Pamela Warton
Judith McCory
Anne Albert
David Wallach
Donald Mathews

Fifty-six faculty members have taught in the mathematics department since 1886.

The history of our mathematics department includes a variety of active student organizations, growth in facilities and a significant expansion of curricular offerings.

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