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Jon Hauenstein, Ph.D., Presents at Math Day, 2017

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Professor Jon Hauenstein '03, returned to his alma mater as the Math Day 2017 presenter.  

“My education here [at UF] showed me the ability to use computer science and software development in applications of mathematics – not just using mathematics on pen and paper, but actually using computers to help solve your answers and develop your applications. It was really the foundation that I learned at The University of Findlay that has lead me to the career path that I’m on.

-- Jon Hauenstein, Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, '03
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Math Degree Career Choices

Career options for graduates of UF's mathematics program vary widely within many different industries and serve as vital roles within most company structures. 

  • You could identify and analyze company risk, possibly saving your future employer millions as a risk analyst.
  • Maybe you'll develop algorithms, ciphers and security systems to encrypt sensitive company data as a cryptographer.

These type of positions are in high demand and typically pay $70,000 or more per year!

These are just two career examples you could pursue with a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Findlay.
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The UF Difference

Graduates of Findlay's Mathematics Program have 100 percent job placement rate and land jobs with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, major insurance companies and in high schools across the United States. Graduates also have 100 percent graduate school placement nationwide.

Undergraduate students have investigated and built three dimensional kaleidoscopes, used statistical modeling to predict NFL success from college statistics, and determined if code-breaking techniques are effective on text messages.

Students in the Mathematics Program get to decide what unique courses are offered each year. Courses students have chosen in the past include game theory, topology and financial math.

Diversify Your Resume

At The University of Findlay, our math students are typically able to complete a double major in four years, giving them even more career choices.  Students enjoy problem-solving and analyzing data through a robust curriculum of calculus, linear algebra and upper-level math course.

Second majors can include, but are not limited to:

Thinking about teaching?

You may qualify for the University of Findlay's Noyce Scholarship Program and earn $37,500 in scholarships!  Click here to learn more