Math drives the world. It is the rational behind computer security, economics, consumerism and so much more. With a 100 percent job placement rate, a degree in Mathematics from the University of Findlay allows you to drive change in any field you are passionate about.

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Student Research
2017 projects include:

Computer Learning through Bayesian Reasoning

Using concepts in machine learning and mathematics, a website was designed to collect data and an algorithm was written to learn user's preferences in regards to fashion.

The Black-Scholes Formula for Option Pricing

Discussion of the Black-Scholes formula, the probabilistic model of stock prices from which it is derived, and some well-studied instances where this formula does not give the actual observed value of real-world option prices.

Earnings Projections Using Linear Algebra

It is a central problem in all types of business to predict future earnings. Using well-known curve fitting techniques in linear algebra, this problem can be reduced to solving systems of linear equations. The project will discuss these techniques and the cautions against putting too much confidence in these projections.

With a 100% job placement rate, our graduates have found jobs with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, major insurance companies and in high schools across the United States.
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