University Gardens​

Sensory Garden

The concept of a sensory garden was proposed by Kira Pierpoint, a graduate of the Occupational Therapy Program.  As a student, Kira was always searching for new ways to teach others innovative therapeutic programming for those with special needs.

Sensory Garden  Sensory Garden Flower Bed

The Findlay Green Campus Initiative (FGCI) designed the sensory garden specifically to serve as a therapeutic resource.  It features areas attuned to each of the five senses for the purpose of soothing and relaxing stimuli.  The garden is open to the community and is also available to classes to use as a "living laboratory."  

Rain Garden

​A rain garden is an attractive sunken landscape bed of native perennials that captures stormwater runoff so it can be absorbed into the ground and cleansed of pollution. Our rain garden is located behind the Egner Fine Arts Pavilion and the Mazza Museum with a green space and flowers. Members of FGCI maintain the garden during the summer months.

University Greenhouse

University of Findlay's greenhouse is used by the science programs for academic and environmental study.