​​​ Religious Studies

​Religious studies = Respect, tolerance and understanding

Religious studies is most commonly known for preparing individuals for pastoral ministry.  However, pursuing a degree in religious studies also prepares graduates for a wide range of fields and provides them with a skill set that is desirable to many employers.

Hear what a current student is saying about being a religious studies major.


Religious studies offers a major or minor to student's wishing to focus on the area of religion along with four different areas:


Biblical studies emphasis: Explore the Bible as a literary piece of history. Study both the New and Old Testament through analyzing the Prophet's writing and acquiring an understanding of the Wisdom literature.


Christian studies emphasis: Students first learn the history of Christianity and interpretation of the Bible and develop their knowledge of the Old and New Testament.  They also gain hands on experience through service learning. 

Comparative religion emphasis: Learn about different religions in India, Tibet, China, Japan, Africa and the Americas.  Study Islamic and Buddhist traditions and explore the new emerging cultures of the world.


Individualized studies emphasis: Choose your path.  Decide on 24 semester hours in religious studies and/or philosophy.  Some English courses and permission of the instructor are required.


Why Religious Studies?

Majors and minors in religious studies learn to read, write, speak, listen and think carefully, clearly and effectively about issues which matter deeply to everyone and all cultures:

  • Life and death
  • Rites of passage
  • Ethical reflection and action
  • Relationships between self and society
  • Faith and transcendence
  • Human destiny
  • Vocation, meaning and identity
  • Service