​​​Animal Science - Industry​ Option

Animal science/industry allows you to work with animals without a heavy research base, unlike animal science/science careers or veterinary studies.  Industry students learn the science they need to be knowledgeable on the subject, but focus more on: 
  • Working closely with animals

  • Being hands-on

  • Creative problem solving

  • Industry practices

  • Interpersonal relationships

Jobs in the industry of agricultural business allow you to turn your knowledge into practice. 

Our curriculum prepares you for a variety of jobs within the field, such as:

  • Production and service based businesses

  • Herd management

  • Implement sales and production

Industry focus areas include:

  • Beef Production 

  • Dairy Production  

  • Sheep Production 

  • Swine Production 

  • Equine Production 

  • Agriculture Production 

  • Genetics 

Our courses offer comprehensive coverage of fundamental principles such as nutrition, breeding, physiology and marketing into complete production and management programs. The structure of industry, enterprise establishment, system of production, production practices, selection criteria and improvement programs are also addressed.  

Year-by-Year Overview