Earn a bachelor’s degree in biology AND a master’s degree in bioinformatics in just 5 years!

Scientific machineryBioinformatics is a growing field that is an integration of biology, computer science and mathematics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted a 14 percent job growth for bioinformatics scientists from 2008-2018.

3+2 Partnership with The University of Toledo

Through a cooperative agreement, UF biology majors in good standing will be considered by The University of Toledo’s (UT) M.Sc in Bioinformatics program at the end of their second year.  UF students may use three of the graduate level courses from the UT curriculum requirements to satisfy The University of Findlay biology major requirements.  For UF students, the UT application fee is waived and a GRE is not required.

An Advantage

Getting both degrees this way allows students to:

  • Save between one and two years over what it would take to earn both degrees separately
  • Save the tuition and housing costs associate with the extra time
  • Improve job prospects or chances of getting into top-tier graduate/professional programs

Job Options 

A primary focus of bioinformatics is the ability to take a genome sequence, whether from a human or bacterium, and predict from the sequence the complete set of genes, how they are regulated and what they do.  This field is crucial to everything from biotechnology to individualized human medicine.  

A degree in bioinformatics could land you a job with:

  • Consumer products companies
  • Medical universities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical research organizations

For more information, contact Dr. Bethany Henderson-Dean, program chair, Department of Natural Sciences, The University of Findlay at or 419-434-4701.