Faculty & Staff

Mark Drnach, D.P.T.
Mark Drnach, D.P.T.
Professor of Teaching in Physical Therapy
Year started at UF: 2022
Contact Information
Office Location: Physical Therapy Building Room 118
Telephone: 419-434-4596
B.S., University of Pittsburgh
D.P.T., Temple University
  • Books

    Spearing E, Pelletier E, Drnach M., eds. Tecklin J.  Pediatric Physical Therapy. 6th ed. Philadelphia, PA.  Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 2021.

    Mark Drnach. The Clinical Practice of Pediatric Physical Therapy:  From the NICU to Independent Living.  Philadelphia, PA. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 2008. 
    Book Chapters
    Mark Drnach.  Transitioning to Adulthood.  In. Tecklin J.  Pediatric Physical Therapy. 6th ed. Philadelphia, PA. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.  2021.

    Haley R., Drnach M., Marangoni A.  A Systems Analysis Approach to Service Learning.  In: Lan Lin P., Wiegand M., Smith-Tolken A. eds. Service-Learning in Higher Education: Building Community Across the Globe.  Indianapolis, IN. University of Indianapolis Press. 2014.

    Peer Reviewed Publications
    Drnach M, Edwards D, Keil A. Truxton S. Physical Therapy Students Perceptions of Service-Learning Experiences.  Journal for Interprofessional Graduate Research.  2017; 1: 1-9.

    Drnach M, Obrien P, Kreger, A.  The effects of a five-week therapeutic horseback riding program on the gross motor function in a child with cerebral palsy:  A case study.  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2010;16: 1003-1006.

    Strawbridge, L., M. Drnach, L. Sisson, V. Van Hasselt. Behavior therapy combined with physical therapy to promote walker use by a child with multiple handicaps.  Education and Training in Mental Retardation.  1989; 24: 239-247.