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Rahul Khupse, Ph.D.
Rahul Khupse, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Year started at UF: 2010
Contact Information
Office Location: Davis Street Building Room 145 A
Telephone: 419-434-5591
B.Pharm, Nagpur University
Ph.D., University of Toledo
  • Academic Credentials:

    Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy with Specialization in Medical Chemistry, The University of Toledo
    Bachelor of Pharmacy, Nagpur University

    Dr. Khupse is a medicinal chemist involved in teaching professional pharmacy courses to fourth and fifth year Pharm D students. He has several years of hand-on-experience in designing and synthesis of small molecules, both as an independent researcher and as a graduate student over last 15 years. After getting pharmacy degree from India, he joined University of Toledo for his PhD. During graduate studies he has accomplished the first total syntheses of anticancer natural products called as Glyceollins and Xanthohumol. Later, as a research chemist in Lexington pharmaceuticals LLC.  he worked on syntheses of several small molecules including carbohydrates and heterocyclics. This was followed by two years of post-doctoral work at Center for Drug Design and Development, Toledo where he was as a group leader for 14-step synthesis of several grams of an anti-cancer compounds for animal studies.

    After staring his independent academic career at University of Findlay (UF), he continued to do research in area of cancer therapies. He had collaborations both extramural (University of Toledo, Cleveland Clinic Foundation) as well as at UF. He has played a pivotal role in setting up advanced instrumentation lab (NMR, MS, HPLC) at UF. He is actively involved in mentoring UF students in research projects. He has authored several journal articles, patents and a book chapter.


  • Certifications:

    • (NABP) National Association of Board of Pharmacy-US Foreign Pharmacy Graduates Equivalency Certification, Dec. 2006.
    • (RAPS) Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society RAC-US Certification, July 2008.

    Grants and Research Support:

    As an Independent Researcher

    Title: Inhibitors of leukocyte-platelet interaction for anti-inflammatory effects. Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center: $25K, 2011.

    Role: Co-PI  (collaborated with Dr. Paul Erhardt, PhD, U Toledo, Daniel Simon, MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Ed Plow, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Center for Thrombosis and Vascular Biology)

    Goal:  Design and Synthesis of novel probes targeting interaction of neutrophil receptor Mac-1 and platelet receptor GP Ibα

    Title: Phytochemical screening and analysis of ethanolic extract of Sesuvium portulascatrum, RAKCOPS, UAE: $1K, 2013

    Role: PI  (collaborated with Dr. Chandra Sekar, PhD from University of Findlay)

    Goal: Structure elucidation of natural products using NMR and MS.

    As a Post-doctoral associate and graduate student

    Title: Characterize Elicited Soy Constituents Having Therapeutic Properties, USDA $450K/Yr 2002-2006

    Role: Graduate Student Research Assistant at U Toledo (Total syntheses and pharmacological testing of Soy flavanoids)

    Goal: Develop added value soy crop and/or pharmaceutical agent for cancer treatment and/or prevention

    Title: Soy Phytoalexins, Ohio Soybean Council $130K/Yr. 2008-2010

    Role: Post-doctoral associate at U toledo (Scale-up synthesis and analysis of stressed soy cultivars)

    Goal: See if soy crops infected by cyst root nematodes have elevated levels of anticancer glyceollin natural products

    Professional Affiliations:
    • American Association of Cancer Research (AACR).
    • American Chemical Society (ACS).
    • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).
    • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.
    • Rho Chi The academic Honor Society in Pharmacy.
    Editorial board of 7 peer reviewed journals and manuscript reviewer for 13 hournals.
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    7) Luniwal A.;Khupse, R.S. Reese, M.; Liu J.;El-Dakdouki M.; Malik N.: Erhardt P.W.; Mulitgram  synthesis of glyceollin I, Organic Process Research & Development, 2011, 15(5), 1149-1162.

    Book Chapter

    Erhardt, P. W.; Khupse, R.S.; Sarver, J. G.; Trendel, J. A. Prodrugs: Strategic Deployment, Metabolic Considerations and Chemical Design Principles, Burger's Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development, 2010.


    1)Methods for synthesizing glycinols, glyceollins I and II and isoflavenes and chromanes using a Wittig reaction, and compositions made therewith (Patent #US 20120115942), 2013.

    2) Methods for synthesizing glyceollins I and II, compositions of selected intermediates, and use in therapeutic applications (Patent # WO2009/111428), 2013.

    3) Methods for synthesis of xanthohumol (Patent # WO2009/026206A1), 2009.

  • 1) Experimental Biology Meeting at San Diego, US, (April 2016).

    2) Experimental Biology Meeting at Boston, US, (March 2015).

    3) 2014 FIP- international pharmaceutical federation- congress in PSWC, Melbourne, Australia, (April 2014).

    4) National Case Study Workshop 2015: University at Buffalo, 06/05/2015

    5) 123rd annual meeting Ohio Journal of Science Walsh University, Ohio (April 2014).

    6) The 2014 annual meeting of mycological society of America, Michigan State University (June 2014)

    7)   47th Annual Mid-Atlantic Graduate Student Symposium (MAGSS) in Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery: A United Front, Toledo (June 2014).

    8) 121st The Ohio Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting , Ashland University (April 2012).

    9) The Innovative Minds in Prostate Cancer Today (IMPaCT) meeting by Prostate Cancer Research Program, Department of Defense, Atlanta (Sep.2007).

    10) 234th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, (Aug. 2007).

    11) 30th National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Seattle, (June 2006).

    12) 38th Mid Atlantic Graduate Student Symposium, Pittsburgh, (June 2005).

    13) Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium, Toledo, (April 2005).

    14) 6th Environmental Signaling Network Symposium, New Orleans, (Oct. 2004).