​Transformative Experiences at University of Findlay 

Our students explain why the Findlay experience is so important.

Pm Cochran

A New Point of View

Pam Cochran, Experiential Education Specialist, College of Pharmacy

​​ Oftentimes, showing students another point of view makes a difference. One time in particular, a student was struggling with communication with his parents. I listened to his complaints, but then offered him a possible argument from his parents' POV. It hadn't occurred to him that his parents' POV was one of love and concern. I think this helped him, and as I've seen him on campus and in the community, he always converses with me and seems better adjusted.

Liz Trevino

Always that Smiling Face

Submitted by Liz Trevino

​​​Here in the College of Pharmacy, the three Administrative Assistants feel like we have a large part in our students' lives. We are here to help them with anything - finding a class the first week of school, telling them where to find things on campus, directing them to the health clinic on campus if they are not feeling well, encouraging them with some chocolate if they are heading into an exam, providing them with a mint if they are going into a class presentation, here as a listening ear for anything as their Mom's away from home. We take pride in our job and love them as our own.

Diana Montague

Be Their Advocate

Submitted by Diana Montague, professor & chair of communication

​​​​About eight years ago I was advising a first-year pre-vet student, Abbey Nickel, who was struggling to tell her mother that she didn't want to be a vet, that she really wanted to study journalism. But her mother, who had been a journalist herself, said she didn't want to pay UF's high tuition for anything but pre-vet school. We talked through how to gradually switch majors and how to discuss the situation with her mother to allow Abbey to stay at UF. Abbey went on to be one of our strongest journalism majors, one of our most dedicated Pulse editors, and one of our best alumni representatives of the Communication Department and UF as a whole. She has been a professional journalist in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and a Public Relations practitioner in Indiana. I think Abbey will tell you she has been living a meaningful life and a productive career, and her time at UF helped her build that foundation.​​

Behind the Scenes

Submitted by Jessica Leszkowicz, Department of Visual and Performing Arts

​​​​​​My position is behind scenes, and many of the most memorable and teachable moments for a theatre person also occur behind the scenes. The one that captures my attention the most is the student who was assigned to my crew. I knew of what she had going on in her personal and extracurricular activities, in addition to her many University responsibilities and my crew. As her supervisor, I called her up to say I was thinking of her and hoping she was getting everything done, and how could I help her. Her response humbled me. She thought I had called with a work assignment, but she was touched by the fact someone we care about her life beyond the arch. Since she graduated, I have been able to stay in touch with her and support her in by attending the productions she has directed as well as encouraging both her and her students in various speech competitions. A moment of kindness can last forever - we never know where that seed will grow.​​

Ron Tulley

Difference Makers

Submitted by Ronald Tulley, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

​​​​​About 10 years back, I had a student in one of my English 272 classes online. She was having difficulty with a research proposal and came in to see me during office hours. After a few minutes of talking about her project, she said she understood the assignment better, but I could see tears welling in her eyes. I asked her if everything else was ok, and she broke down sobbing. After a few minutes of consoling her, she told me she was terribly homesick and was not happy here. We talked a great deal about her family, and I shared a few family stories with her too. In a little bit, we were laughing. Before she left, I said, "I know it hurts to be apart from your family, but if you think about why you​'re sad, it's actually a wonderful thing. You have an amazing family, one I learned a little about today. One you look to for support and love. You're very blessed to have people whom you care about that much and who love you back." She smiled and agreed. She did well in 272 and went on to complete her DPT at UF. After graduating, she was applying for a position at a hospital, and she asked me for a reference. I thought, I only had her in English 272 years back, and although we kept in touch, I told her there had to be folks that could better speak to her qualifications. 

​She told me that I was one of the main reasons she stayed at UF, and my words inspired her to see things differently. She said I really knew what she was capable of. “It was a defining point for me," she said. “I needed help and someone to care, but I also needed someone to provide some perspective. I want them to understand the kind of education I received at UF went beyond my field...and it has made all the difference in how I treat others." I'm sure I had very little to do with her academic success, but I'm proud that I could be there at a key moment in the early stages of her academic career to listen and guide her as she continued on her path to success. ​

Don't Give Up

Submitting by Tracey Thacker, Administrative Assistant, Mathematics Department

​​​​I talked to a student about not dropping Calculus II as they were struggling. I gave them suggestions and encouraged them to continue the course since they only had a few weeks to go.​​

Bart Welte

Finding a Different Path

Submitted by Bart Welte, Assistant Professor and Director of the Athletic Training Program

​​I met with a student, as an advisor, who did not get into his program of choice and was very down on his future. I explained that while it is fine to be upset, how can he turn the situation into something positive?

I asked some questions and he explained that he was always interested in working with sports and athletes. He ended up applying and being accepted into the Master of Athletic Training Program. After two years he graduated and has been working with athletes and physically active patients since. For him, he was merely following his passion and I was in the right place to help him turn a negative into a positive.

Giving My Very Best

Submitted by Chris Brooks, Adjunct Faculty Member

​​I try to give each student I serve my best. I consistently affirm them to build relationships with them. This past year, I was invited to two graduation parties and a wedding of a former student. The gestures extended to me by each of these students who expressed gratitude to me for my efforts was very humbling. Priceless moments.

Lori Colchagoff

Ongoing Impact

Submitted by Lori Colchagoff, Experiential Education Specialist, College of Pharmacy

​​​​After I changed positions on campus from an office I was at for 15 years, I still get students asking me to meet them for coffee...they want to tell me how they are having meaningful lives and about their future productive career plans​​

Matt Stolick

Reaching One, Reaches Many

Submitted by Matt Stolick, Professor of Philosophy & Chair of Religion and Philosophy

One particular theater student in a few of my philosophy classes kept pushing and pushing to defend a postmodern ethic, very nihilistic and I suspect this student was suicidal during some of the lower points of our work together. But I stuck with him and consistently explored the implications of his nihilistic position, showing him that I did not accept it but that I understood it and had lived it before myself. . . I heard from this student last week and many years later, and he is positive, service-oriented, and making a huge difference in the world as an educator of children. I happily wrote a letter of recommendation for him to get into graduate school to continue to develop his "meaningful life and productive career."

Carole Luke

Right Place. Right Time.

Submitted by Carole Luke, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant Program

​​​​​​​​​I have had many students that I could talk about.....one in particular that comes to mind is a student that I saw on a bench, sobbing, alone. She had just failed a test and had called her parents and they had expressed their disappointment. I sat and talked with her, allowing her to voice her concerns and "vent". I then talked with her a while, and walked her over to our counseling services since she felt that she would benefit from talking to someone on a regular more professional basis who would help her to gain perspective and manage her course load and the expectations that she and her parents put on her in regard to her schooling. This student would frequently return to let me know how much that meant to her and how grateful she was that I took the time to listen and encourage her and help her seek the counseling that made a difference for her.​

Taking the Time to Help

William Stewart, Assistant HBAC Technician, Physical Plant

​​I saw an entire family standing at one of our campus map kiosks. None were smiling and seemed not to be enjoying the visit. I turned my golf cart around and smiled, whatever I was going to fix could wait. After cheerfully helping them get their bearings centered on the bell tower in front of Mazza and find their destination they seemed to relax and smile. I hope that young lady chose to be a UF student and her little brothers also.​​

The Path to Grad School

Submitted by Dr. Nikki Diederich, Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program

​​While I do believe the final determination lies with the student, I would say that I knew I was making a difference in the life of a student when I was helping one of my majors apply to graduate school. We  (this "we" includes another professor as well) discussed grad school options, went on grad school visits with her, and wrote letters of recommendation. She is now a Ph.D. candidate in English at a research institution, so I guess that means the two of us pointed her toward a career. We're going through the same process now with another former student who currently is in her master's program and applying to Ph.D. programs.

The Wearer of Many Hats

Submitted by Shelly Gilbert, Adjunct Faculty in the College of Education

​As an adjunct, I wear many hats. I am fortunate to have a position where UF students can come into my classroom at Donnell and work beside me. Makenna Fox was my latest student-teacher. I was able to work side-by-side with her as she continued her journey. I stay in touch with her and know she is making a difference in the lives of Bluffton students. I am grateful for the small part I have played in her meaningful life.​​

Touching Lives

Submitted by Cindy Goodwin, Professor of Occupational Therapy, retired

​​​I recently received a letter from a previous grad that stated: "You have touched my life, my thought process, and my future career as an OTR! You have challenged me, changed my way of thinking, and helped me rediscover the wonderful opportunities we have to positively affect the lives of our patients….and for that, I am truly grateful! " This is not the first time and I hope not the last that I have or will receive this kind of affirmation that my work in the classroom makes a difference.


The caring, family environment has been a constant of the student experience at Findlay, regardless of if they attended here in the 1950s or if they are sitting in classrooms today. Our faculty and staff are focused on helping students find their passions in life and excel at them. Here's what our students have to say.

"Dr. Forshey has been an inspiring mentor as an instructor and advisor. As an advisor he has helped me through the ins and outs of the Animal Science program here at F indlay and has been an invaluable asset in preparing me for my applications to vet school including selecting the vet schools appropriate for my situation and meeting their requirements. As an instructor, he has taught me, with relatively little livestock experience other than equine, how to be safe and effective when working with pigs, goats, sheep, and cattle. Most importantly though he has expanded my networking through clubs on campus and has supported me as secretary for a major club on campus and I cannot thank him enough. "

-Bailey Bach 

"Dr. Schneider has been a significant figure in my Oiler Experience. I went through a change of major and she was readily available to me--and continues to be--to help me with whatever I needed. She offered support and advice that kept pushing me forward toward a successful future and career. I can always depend that she will be there when I need her. Being confident that I have someone who is here and cares about my wellbeing gives me a lot of hope and keeps me thinking that I have a promising future ahead of me. Having someone who cares about how I am doing pushes me to try in school and in general try in life so that I can have a meaningful life. "

-Samantha Sweet

"Pam Warton has been so meaningful to me and talked to me about my daily life, my school major issues, and my relationship issues. She has been an amazing person to just vent to. "

-Ashlee Shields 

"Dr. Davies supported me emotionally and socially after receiving a diagnosis that had been impacting my college school work for four years. She made time out of her schedule to meet with me and explain the anatomy and physiology behind my diagnosis in a way that I understood. Her explanation opened my eyes to a lot of little things that I never realized were pieces of diagnosis. She supported me and encouraged me to continue in my studies, despite the social stigma, because of the amazing impact it will have on my future clients. I'm so thankful for her and her willingness to be a positive guidance to a student that was not her advisee and seeking non-class related help."

-Madison Schantz

"Dr. Berlekamp has inspired me to be creative while blending my passions and interests with my career in pharmacy. She is supportive and she makes me feel more welcomed at Findlay because I know her door is always open."

-Racheal Hendershot 

"A UF Faculty member who has been there for me is Dr. Ternullo, who is my advisor since Freshman year. She has helped me determine what I would be trying to aim for in my pharmacy career and been always here for me when I need advice for what to do."

-Joshua HusVar

"Cynthia Lahey has been my supervisor for the past three years and has had such an impact on my life. She has positively affected my Oiler Experience because she helps me to learn things about what University Advancement does to help the campus and students. This was my first job working at a desk and whenever I had a question about something, Cindy would always be there to answer them and help me work it out. Whenever something great happens in my life, she always congratulates me on my accomplishments and always believes that I can do it, even when I struggle to see that I can. Whenever I am sick, she is always telling me to get some rest and to feel better soon. Cindy has been an inspiration for me because she always believes in me, when not many have, and it has helped me to keep going in my field and excelling in it. In just a few weeks, I get an experience of a lifetime with an interview with Merck Animal Health and without her encouragement, I would not be getting this opportunity. I just want to thank her for believing in me and always being there for me. It feels good when you enjoy your work, but it is a great feeling when you love working with your co-workers and knowing that no matter what, they always have your back. "

-Ashley Long

"Professor Stoller has previously been a professor of mine and also the advisor for one of the clubs I am involved in. He is someone that really puts the students first. Whether that be pulling strings to help them gain connections with individuals that can help with their future. He also will do what he can to help find students internship or even potential job opportunities. Professor Stoller has been a professor I turn to when needing advice with being a Marketing and Sport and Event Management Student. Big or small, he listens and will do what he can to get a student on the path that they need. "

-Kassidi Sullivan

"Steve Aranyosi was a great professor. He truly impacted my learning experience with all the jokes, drawings, and hands-on labs he had us do. He never once discouraged exploration or curiosity in his Anatomy lab or lecture. Furthermore, he has been a constant influence in my career here at UF. He ended up becoming the advisor of I Am Enough, which is the club I am fortunate enough to be the president of. Aranyosi is an amazing professor. He cares, he understands, and he goes far beyond what is expected. He always says he is available and ready to help. Whenever I needed a recommendation letter, he would gladly do it, if I wanted extra homework help, he would do it, if I just wanted to talk about the weather and upcoming club events, he would do it. Steve Aranyosi deserves a big Thank You for everything he does for his students and our university."

-Alexis Caroline 

"Pam (Warton) has been there for me as a student and as a friend since I first met her in my college Algebra Class. She always knows when her students are "off" in class, and make sure that there is something she can do, and if so does it to benefit the student or the entire class depending on the situation. Pam acts as a teacher first yes, however she tries so unbelievably hard to make sure students are looked after as if in a way they are her own children."

-Brianna Lovell

"One person that has been there for me academically is Dr. Rao. I am currently doing a research project with him, and he is always very flexible in scheduling lab time. He asks me about my tests in other classes to make sure we aren't scheduling lab time near an upcoming exam. He also asks me questions to check up on how my other classes are going and if I dont understand material he helps clarify. He always makes sure my classes are a priority and I am successful all around. "

-Mackenzie Deitsch

"Dr. Williams has been so supportive of me during my graduate school experience. From the beginning when we were choosing classes to take, she was there for me and helped me understand how grad school works. Now she’s become almost a friend and a confidant. She’s helped me through some difficult times managing grad school, finding and starting my new teaching position, and being a single mom. If it wasn’t for her and her personal attention to me, I’m not sure if I would be able to continue my classes. It’s because of people like her why I returned to UF for graduate school after receiving my BA here too."

-Julie Harley

"Eric (Stoller) helped me finalize my major and always encourages opportunities to get real world experience for post graduation. Whether it's applying for internships or scholarships, he wants all of his students take advantage of the opportunities we are given and succeed! Having a professor who is encouraging and who helps guide you to a successful future is always a good person to have help you through college. He makes my time here so much easier!"

- Theodore Samples

"Dr. Pettigrew is an awesome instructor who challenges you as a student, but lays the expectations so it's no surprise of what he expects from you. He will come in at 7PM for a study session and teach until you understand the concept or the review session is over. He doesn't rush his study sessions or class time and wants to make sure you as a student understand the topic before he leaves. Super smart individual that I and my classmates learned a lot from and really glad we were able to have him as an instructor."

-Andrea Agen 

"Dr. Perry has always been a supportive professor and mentor in my pharmacy career. She is always positive and willing to help students, going above and beyond what a professor would normally do. "

-Joanna Duda

"Dr. Nathan Tice is an excellent professor. He is always available for his students, and shows great care in explaining something if it isn't understood. He also has faith in each student that they will achieve their best if they try hard. He is very helpful in all aspects of his academic field."

-Kayla Kirkman 

"Dr. Forshey has really helped me understand and appreciate the role of the teacher. He is very helpful with any questions his students have and he always has an interesting story to tell us before every class and it very unique and makes the mood of the class increase. I have him back to back so i am with him most of my day and he is so easy to talk to and I really appreciate everything that he does for his students. "

-Natalie Maras

"Brenda (Weber) is the perfect definition of pointing students towards meaningful lives and productive careers. She is always guiding students to resources here on campus and is constantly a support system for all students. Brenda truly embodies Ellen Degeneres motto, "Be kind to one another." Without Brenda on campus, students would have a tougher reaching their dreams beyond the arch."

- Christy Wickiser 

"Julie Yingling is a huge part of campus. She really has an arm and leg in almost everything and she makes everyone feel like they are at home. When I came to UF I was nervous and she made me feel right at home. This person is someone that always listens and helps when I need advice. She knows she isn't perfect and I love that she feels she can lean on me for support as well. She encourages me in every single thing that I do. She goes on walks with me when I don't want to be alone, she lets me cry when I need to, she lets me vent. She goes and gets Sushi with me when I am craving it. She is so much fun to travel with. She gives the biggest, most warm hugs that anyone could ever need. Lastly, she is so important to me that she truly has become my second mom. I do not know what I would do without her on campus. "

-Alyssa Westgerdes

"Marie Louden-Hanes is my Intro to Liberal Arts professor. I found out a week or so ago that my dog had cancer. At the time I was destroyed and attending classes was hard that day in fact I only went to one. That was her class. I was upset and cried during it and she kept teaching but after she pulled me aside and gave me a big hug and we sat down and talked about my problem. I felt so much better leaving her class that day. I truly appreciate what she did for me and that is why I believe she is going to be always there for me and all her other students ."

-Mikaila Jennings 

"Kathleen Grine puts a smile on our faces even though we have to do chemistry early in the morning. She says many jokes and makes Basic Chemistry thourough enough for those who have never taken it before or haven’t taken it for a few years."

-Kristine Johnson

"My philosophy professor, Dr. Graves, has had a positive impact on my life and experience here at UF. He takes the time to ensure that all his students, including me, are properly prepared for his exams. He is dedicated to his career here at Findlay and wants nothing but the best for his students. He has also helped me with recommendations."

-RaeAnna Harner

"Eric Stoller has been there for me academically for the past three semesters. He's a fantastic professor and he only wants the best for his students. He may rag on you a little from time to time if he knows you well, but he's always there to motivate and open up new doors for his students. He's ambitious and a forward thinker and that clearly shows in how he teaches."

-Daniel Truesdale 

"Mrs. Federici has been so helpful whenever I have to miss for soccer. She gives me all the information I need and works to make it as easy as possible when I miss. She also supports me with my soccer by always wishing me luck on game days, coming to the games, and even cutting out an article for me when I scored one game. She’s made me feel like not only does she want me to succeed academically but on the field as well which means a lot to me. She cares about her students personally rather than just about their grades etc. "

-Brenna Shipley 

"Dr. Lammers has been a great club advisor for the Physical Therapy Organization this year so far. She was so amazing as to take on our club, and she has done above and beyond for us officers and all of our members. She has put together numerous handouts for us on information about the DPT program and helpful tips as we navigate through the undergraduate program. She has positively affected my Oiler Experience by giving me direction in where to take the club with new and exciting ideas for meetings that not only give the members information about the program but also make the meetings exciting and fun. Thank you Dr. Lammers! "

-Ally Morvai

"Dr. Stulman has been a constant source of wisdom and encouragement for me through my academic career at UF. He is always willing to answer any question I have, discuss any topic I’m interested in, and give advice for future graduate school options or career paths that I can work toward! "

-Emily Teague

"Dr. Forshey has met with me several times and has helped me set up a clear path for myself as I begin my journey in the Pre-Vet major. He is always honest with me and never discourages me from pursuing my passion."

-Alyssa Aponte

"Christina Harvitt supported me during my depression and helped me keep going. Was always there for me as a mentor and a friend. Provided me many opportunities to continue doing what I love at UF. "

- Justin Walton

"Coach Jared Krout. He is the head track and field coach, which I am a member of. He is a newer coach here at UF, but I believe he is by far the best. He pushes everyone and make everyone feel important whether they are on scholarship or not. "

-Aubreah Manns

"Professor Becky Kupferberg has been such an uplifting presence to me, and I am sure that other students feel the same way. She brings the utmost positive attitude to each and every class, and she makes it clear that she cares about the success of her students. Every time I have spoken to her she is always uplifting and charismatic about whatever it is I tell her. I genuinely feel support from her, and if I ever need help, I know I can turn to her. She made her class a fun experience, and she helped me gain confidence in my academic abilities. "

-Abigail Starcher

"Cindy Strathman is alway willing to providing professional advises regarding resume crafting and interview preparation to UF students. As a matter of fact, I have learned a lot from her in terms of what I need to do in order to find a job before graduation. She elaborated steps of tailoring resume and how to utilize my work experience to each job. She also shared her full resources helping me with job search. She is enthusiastic in what she is doing and she is excited to see students being successful in their careers."

-Liping Shen 

"Heather Riffle has been there for me even before I went into her program. She helped me get into the program and allowed me to pursue my career and do other things while I was in school. She also helped me plan out the rest of my classes till the day I graduate. She answered any questions I had in the best way possible and pointed me in the right direction. "

-Dorotha Thomas 

"When I first came to the University I was second guessing my major choice because everyone was so much smarter than me and everyone said how hard it is. But after being in Dr. Kerns animal handling class and just talking with him, he has showed me that I have a passion for working with farm animals and that I love my choice of being an Animal Science/Pre-Vet major."

-Pressley Buurma 

"Dr. Adams was so extremely helpful when I switched my major to Public Relations junior year. It was such a late time to change, but she and the Comm Department made me feel welcome and like I could graduate on time. Every class she teaches, she puts so much passion into, and she makes sure she does everything possible to help her students succeed. It helps that she loves what she teaches, and her classes have taught me real-world skills that have helped in my internships."

-Brianna Hallman

"Dr. Forshey has been of utmost importance while I have attended UF. He has been my advisor most of my time here and has always been helpful when planning classes. He is also a fantastic professor who makes class interesting and let’s you learn a lot. The biggest help he has been for me was planning for veterinary school. He helped me in getting the right experiences and choosing the right schools to apply to. I am very thankful to have had him as an advisor and teacher. "

-Amanda Stiegal

"Dr. Bradley, encouraged me to join a Masters program at UF to further my education instead of being done with school after a Bachelors degree. Also, as I got overwhelm with starting my career, starting a family and being involved in the Masters program I began getting overwhelmed an emailed her about quitting the program. She encouraged me and worked with my chaotic schedule and I ended up finishing the class on time and now I am on to the second class of the program. Thanks for not allowing me to give up Dr. Bradley."

-Theresa Russell 

"Professor Summers is such a nice lady and is very welcoming! I really enjoy waking up early and attending her 9am lecture and 4-7pm lab because she is an amazing teacher. She is very encouraging and I adore her as a teacher!"

-Alexandria Laker

"During my first week of school freshman year (3.5 years ago), she pushed me to be involved with UFTV where I found out how passionate I am about broadcasting. Flash forward to this year, she helped me to get an internship in Lima at a local TV station where I now work as a reporter on the weekends. Without her none of it could have been possible! She has been an AMAZING mentor and friend since the day I stepped on campus."

-Heidi Paxson 

"Pastor Matt (Ginter) has done more for me than he even knows. He has supported me through some very dark and emotional times and was always able to bring a sense of hope and peace to whatever was troubling me. Pastor Matt helped make my transition to college easier and has helped prepare me for my life after college. Without Pastor Matt, I don't think I would have had the same amazing experience that I have had here at the University of Findlay. He has taught me what it really means to be a man of God and I could never thank him enough for all of the ways that I am different because of him."

-Brady Corns 

"Dr. Bates has been there for me academically and emotionally. She headed the London Scholars program for a couple of years, and she made it a great experience for everyone involved. She helped me pursue my passion for writing and adding an english minor to my degree. I have had her as a professor a couple of times since the London Scholars program, but she has always been there for me even when I'm not taking her classes. She is the kind of professor that goes above and beyond to make sure students have the best experience at UF as they continue to find their passion, whatever it may be. "

-Logan Chapman

"Dr. Halloway has been a very good example of an Oiler because she is always in a good mood and she listens and supports her students. I know with her help I can achieve my goals of finishing my BSN in good time. She makes me feel positive like I can accomplish my dreams and make them come true. "

-Katherine Hone

"Dr. Grant from the college of business immediately stepped up when I switched my major to finance. After taking one class with him to this day he still knows my name, that I play golf here at Findlay, and always asks me how I’m doing. I get a genuine since that he cares about me in my professional career and has been and will continue to be someone I can talk to and seek advice from."

-Peyton Cooper 

"Amanda (Gensler) has been there for me to help me with my study skills and everything academically. She is an amazing professor and anyone would be lucky to learn from her."

-Alexis Newbury