The Well: Summer​ Faith Experience

The Well has be graciously funded through a grant from the Lilly Endowment ​Inc., University of Findlay is proud to present a free summer faith experience for high school students who are interested in understanding the role of faith in all aspects of our lives.​​

Dates: July 8 - 13

What You Can Expect

High school students are invited to join us for a free week-long summer faith experience is focused on understanding the role of faith in all aspects of our lives including career and leadership opportunities. Participants will explore meaningful theological questions together, reflecting on the moral dimensions of contemporary issues and examining how their lives are affected.

In keeping with the University of Findlay’s own unique institutional vision, The Well is firmly a non-denominational, Christian foundation, while at the same time welcoming students of all faiths and values to attend. Reflecting the world at large, the University of Findlay strives to be a diverse campus while maintaining a vital and ongoing commitment to the basic tenants of its Christian heritage. To that end, students at The Well can expect to participate regularly throughout the week in spiritually formational times of worship, prayer, and study of Scripture. Time will also be spent in discussion and reflection in regards to other major world religions. This includes all daily meals, snacks and all materials the participants may need.​ It's also a great way for students to experience what it's like to live in a college dorm. (Students will be supervised at all times).

In the spirit of Christian hospitality, we gladly welcome students from all faith traditions to participate. Activities throughout the week will incorporate opportunities to both learn about and witness other religions, including Islam and Judaism. The Well, while meant to serve as a faith-strengthening endeavor, is not intended as a proselytizing effort.​​​​

The Well's curriculum is designed to walk participants through five tough questions, each building on the last to help individuals identify the role of faith in life and vocation. The five big questions include:​​​
  • Who am I? / How can I live a meaningful life?
  • What is most important to me?​
  • Are there causes larger than me that drive my decision making? 
  • What am I being called to do?
  • How will I serve humanity?​

Daily Activities

  • Worship at different Findlay-area churches to represent the variety of Christian expression
  • Breakout sessions to dig deeper into the "five big questions"​​​
    • Students will be encouraged to share experiences, strengths, weaknesses and barriers to understand the relationship between faith and life
  • ​​Personal testimonies from guest speakers representing occupational and non-occupational ministry
  • ​​Exploration road trips to a variety of distinct religious centers (Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox and more)
  • Leadership development and teambuilding exercises at a local "high ropes" course
  • Interaction with professionals to discover how they provide service and vocation through their occupation
  • Volunteer work benefitting several local charities within the Findlay community
  • Daily review and debriefing of each day's theme, sharing thoughts on real life application
  • Recreational activities at Findlay's athletic center, movie night, scavenger hunt, ropes course and other games