A Letter to Veterans and Their Families

Many military veterans who apply to the University of Findlay have seen combat. Many others have been in leadership roles that required difficult decisions and putting "others above self." Now that these veterans are setting academic goals and preparing for new careers, we at UF want to make this transition as worry-free as possible.

What makes the University of Findlay a great place for traditional students also makes it a great place for veterans to begin their academic journey. Our university is known for an approachable and supportive faculty. One-to-one advising and conversations are the norm here, not the exception. We have a commitment to learning outside of the classroom. I feel this is where our veterans, along with their dependents, can excel, combining their past military experience with learning in a corporate or nonprofit environment.

Most importantly, the years spent connected to the University of Findlay provide a transformative experience. No matter who you are when you first enter a UF classroom or log in to an online class, you'll be a more enlightened, aware and compassionate individual when you leave.


President Fell​​

Dr. Katherine Fell, President
University of Findlay