We are excited for you to take your next step to officially becoming an Oiler! New student registration is coming soon. Stay tuned for details on how to register.​​​

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The date you select will start the process of registering for your fall semester classes.
  • Prior to the registration date you select, an advisor will begin reviewing your file to learn more about you, your intended major, high school coursework, ACT/SAT scores, placement tests, and any postsecondary work you have completed. From those criteria, an advisor will create your initial class schedule. 
  • Either prior to the registration or a few weeks after, an advisor will be reaching out to you to discuss your class schedule for the fall. 
Your Admissions Counselor will be sending you details on steps that will need to be completed prior to your registration. Please make sure you are responsive to your Admissions Counselor as these important steps must be completed before the advisor can begin reviewing your file to register you for classes.

Any questions, feel free to contact your Admissions Counselor, email, or call our office at 419-434-4732


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