​​​Choosing Your Major​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Right Decision

At Findlay, we recognize that many students haven’t made a final decision about a major when they enter college. We’ve designed career counseling and a first-year academic plan that will help you explore all our majors, identify your interests and abilities, investigate career opportunities and choose a major that’s right for you.
There are several reasons why you may not declare a major when you enroll:
• You may want to try some different courses before you make a commitment.
• You may have several interests, but are not sure yet which one to choose.
• You may want to take those several interests and want to explore different ways to combine them.

Entering Findlay with an undeclared major gives you the freedom and opportunity to try different majors and career fields through a guided exploration process.

Kelsey came to Findlay​ undeclared, tried several majors and her final choice was to dual major.  Hear the advice that she gives to other students who may be struggling to decide.

Career Planning

Many students who have not declared a major already know what interests they have but need help combining them into a career goal. No matter how diverse your interests seem, the Office of Career Planning in the Oiler Success Center will help you to find the right major and career path that leads you to an interesting and satisfying career.

Individual and confidential career counseling help is available for students choosing or changing their majors. The Office of Career Planning works closely with the faculty in every program to have accurate information about all of Findlay’s majors. Many fields now require professionals to have a variety of abilities. Findlay offers minors in a wide range of academic areas. Many students choose to earn minors in areas that complement their majors. Minors allow students to develop several areas of interest and abilities for the future. The Office of Career Planning provides help in choosing an appropriate minor.


Your first semester class schedule will be designed to help you explore majors of interest to you. All degree programs at the University of Findlay require completion of not only the major, but also general education and competency requirement courses. During your first semester you may take general University requirements and beginning courses in areas you wish to explore. Try out different options with confidence, knowing that you are also completing requirements toward your degree.​

Some students choose a major after their first semester, while others wait until they’ve completed their first year at Findlay. Second-semester schedules are designed to continue completing University requirements and to complete the first-year courses in your preliminary choice of major. During your first year you will work with an academic advisor who is experienced in advising and guiding undeclared freshmen as they choose their majors. When you are ready to choose your major, you will have help declaring and moving to an academic adviser in that academic area.

For more information please contact Jan Taylor at 419-434-4615 or [email protected]