​​​​​​​​​​​​Psychology to Doctor of Occupational Therapy

​From the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated with why and how people behave the way they do. Psychologists, through interactions and their research, seek to answer these questions and apply their findings to help people describe, predict and change their own and others’ cognitive, emotional and physical behaviors. 

The University of Findlay has created a clear path from the Psychology Program to the College of Health Profession’s ​Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program with research and experiential learning opportunities that directly relate to occupational therapy. In four years, students studying psychology will earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and may go on to pursue a doctoral degree in occupational therapy which is a three-year program. A doctoral degree in occupational therapy prepares students to not only practice occupational therapy, but also fulfill leadership roles and advanced positions in the field. ​

Our program blends strong science and applied courses that prepare students for work or graduate study. It also:

  • ​Provides access to numerous labs dedicated to research in the psychological sciences
  • Provides opportunities for joint research study with faculty members
  • Allows students to complete credit hours of experiential learning that is customized to their personal interests 
  • Offers a psychology major that can be combined with minors to broaden skills and career opportunities

The undergraduate major in psychology emphasizes:

  • ​Critical thinking
  • Positive interaction with others 
  • Communication 
  • Analyzing
  • Writing
  • Synthesizing​

Program Highlights:

• Flexible Career Paths​​​ - Available with 56 recognized sub-disciplines of psychology leading to a wide variety of career opportunities.

• Graduate School Preparation - Findlay has an entire course dedicated to preparing students for the graduate school application process.

• Present Research - Students have the opportunity to present their results at both national and regional conferences.

• 90 Hours of Internships - The Psychology Program offers many learning opportunities that include work experience through internships.​

To learn more about the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program and the ​admission requirements, please click here.