​​​​​​​​​​The President's Council on Student Belonging​​

​​Mission: To strengthen a community of belonging at the University of Findlay.

Purpose: The purpose of the President's Student Council on Belonging—also known as PSCB—is to empower students from underrepresented and diverse populations by providing a platform to engage and discuss enduring issues pertaining to the climate of diversity and belonging at the University of Findlay.

Vision: The President's Student Council on Belonging (PSCB) is an advisory group to the President that addresses broad issues of interculturalism and social identity that impact the university campus and surrounding community. The committee's primary functions are to engage in conversations with university faculty and administrators, share students' perspectives, and provide recommendations that will develop and sustain a campus climate of belonging and help UF better serve its increasingly diverse population.


​Strategic Goals

  • ​Advising and collaborating with the President, Cabinet members, faculty, professionals, and other University constituents on matters impacting students, pertaining to the climate of diversity and belonging on campus
  • Enhancing the impact of the student voice in university ​policy development and implementation, decision-making, and future planning initiatives through expanding awareness, communication, and collaboration.
  • Fostering an environment in which all students and organizations can succeed through enhancing sensitivity to diversity and belonging through networking, resource development, and development of leadership capabilities.​