​​​​​ ​#uBELONGatUF​

​Everyone deserves to feel a strong sense of belonging here at the University of Findlay. No matter one’s background, identities, or worldview, UF is committed to fostering an environment where everyone knows they are valued and cared for. As a way to allow the UF community to express their sense of belonging, and invite others into this community, the University of Findlay Diversity Initiative (UFDI) launched the “You Belong at UF” campaign.

#uBELONGatUF is an active campaign focused on creating a stronger sense of belonging within and throughout the UF community. The hashtag is a way for individuals and groups to share their stories of how they seek out belonging and how others have made them feel belonging. We invite and encourage all members of the UF community to join us in actively participating in this campaign to build a culture that is devoted to creating belonging for everyone.


You Belong at UF