​​​​​Health and Physical Education

Are you interested in sports, fitness and wellness? Do you want to become a health coach or develop health and fitness education programs?  Do you want to educate the general public or students on how to live a healthy lifestyle? Then earning a bachelor's degree in health and physical education from The University of Findlay is the right program for you. 

Our Program

When you earn a bachelor of science in health and physical education, you will learn the science of the human body through anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Courses in motor development and learning, wellness and human nutrition will help you understand the theory and practice behind developing a healthy lifestyle. Extensive clinical experiences are completed in the fitness and wellness community. 

Our Philosophy

Health and physical education at the University of Findlay supports the awareness that the key to health and wellness is the quality of your lifestyle. UF promotes health and wellness with an emphasis on lifelong learning and the skills that can be integrated into a well-rounded lifestyle.

Emphasis on Hands-On Experience

Field experience is an integral part of the health and physical education program. Fieldwork starts at the beginning of your sophomore year. You will be able to observe a health professional within a 15-mile radius of the University. During your senior year, you will student teach in an area school to hone the skills you have learned.

Caring Faculty

Students will have the opportunity to develop close working relationships with the faculty, not just as professors or lecturers, but also caring professionals who can help prepare you for a career. Smaller classes help to strengthen the student-teacher relationship. 

Teaching Grades K-12

Another major is offered for students specifically interested in teaching Multi-Age Health & Physical Education to grades K-12. For those interested, please click here​​. ​