​​​​We​llness & Health Promotion

A major in wellness and health​ promotion consists of an interdisciplinary program of study in which students will implement health assessments and wellness programs during internships. The degree endeavors to promote scholarly inquiry and cultivate professionals capable of assisting others in developing self-responsibility for their own health and wellness through healthy, active lifestyles. Completion of this degree prepares students for employment in corporate, clinical, or community wellness settings or for the pursuit of graduate study.​​​

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle

There is a growing need for health professionals who can provide wellness information and exercise instruction to promote a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, there is a need for trained exercise professionals to accommodate the growing number of both adults and children participating in sports and exercise programs.

Education on wellness and exercise is also necessary to teach employees in the workplace the relationship between activity, diet, and health and to demonstrate how this can be changed to encourage physical wellness. Health promotion and wellness program supervision are necessary to ensure that injury does not develop and exercise programs are introduced safely.

Some benefits of wellness and exercise programs include:

  • Protection of a company’s greatest asset – the employee 
  • Healthier, more productive working environment​
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower turnover / higher employee retention rates
  • Higher self-esteem and greater team-building mentality
  • Increased energy
  • A more optimistic outlook, having a positive attitude
  • A greater eagerness to succeed and lead
  • Greater community synergy, greater company synergy​

Caring Faculty

Students will have the opportunity to develop close working relationships with the faculty, not just as professors or lecturers, but also as caring professionals who can help prepare you for a career. Smaller classes help to strengthen the student-teacher relationship.

​This degree program is eligible for Choose Ohio First scholarship funding