​Healthcare Management

There is no sector more critical to the growth of our economy, quality of life and even the future of humanity than that of healthcare. Healthcare management professionals work as administrators, managers, CEO's, planners and more. If you're looking to pursue graduate school, an administrative role or leadership position within healthcare, the healthcare management major at the University of Findlay is perfect for you. 

With a bachelor's degree in healthcare management, you will be equipped to look at health from an international, national, cultural or social perspective. Our program is designed to provide a conceptual and practical understanding of the healthcare management field, with specific attention to the development of analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Upon graduation, you will prepared to pursue graduate study or work in a variety of areas such as:
  • Hospitals/clinics
  • Governmental and/or regulatory agencies
  • Nursing facilities
  • Hospital equipment and supply manufacturers/vendors
  • Recreation and wellness centers
  • Hospital associations
  • Consulting firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Private voluntary organizations
  • Grassroots organizations
  • Social movement organizations


University of Findlay's Healthcare Management Program is ranked as one of ​the top Best Online Colleges for Value offering a Bachelor's in Healthcare Management, according to Guide to ​Online Schools

​ Healthcare Management Curriculum​

Healthcare management is an option if you are interested in a four-year degree in healthcare, but do not wish to pursue one of our professional programs offered in the College of Health Professions. The healthcare management major will provide you with fundamental knowledge and principles of healthcare management, while incorporating most relevant business skills to be an effective and efficient decision maker w​hile improving the quality of and access to healthcare. Students can also benefit by selecting healthcare management as a minor, as it compliments many health profession and business majors. 

This major draws on disciplines of:
  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Gerontology
  • Healthcare management
  • Computer science

To view courses and curriculum offered within Findlay's Healthcare Management Program, please visit the links below:

Fo​r more information on the Healthcare Management Program, contact Aly Matejka, assistant professor ​and director of healthcare management, at 419-434-5670 or [email protected].​

Thinking about graduate school?​

The healthcare management major is designed to prepare you for leadership positions in the healthcare industry as well as entering Findlay's Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in healthcare management. You could also be considered for enrollment into other graduate programs at Findlay such as health informatics​ or physician assistant.​​


This degree program is eligible for Choose Ohio First scholarship​ funding​. ​​


Please contact Melissa Weber, Administrative Assistant Anatomy, Neuroscience, and Health Sciences and Social Work and Healthcare Services at [email protected] or call 419-434-5611